2019年3月26日 星期二

Embrace Unity and Live A More Fulfilling Life  A realization from participating in the 4Q Workshop

◎ Provided by Tian Wei Temple Honolulu, Hawaii

  ‟Thanks to the Grace of Heaven! The arrangement of the Heavenly Mother, the blessing of the Buddha, the great grace of the 17th Patriarch, and the grace of the 18th Divine Patriarch and Matriarch, who made this event a success! This is completely made possible by God’s mercifulness, enabling our Dian Chuan Shi, Tan Chu, temple staff, and camp counselors to apply various methods to awaken the wisdom of lost souls! If you are willing to participate and get involved in the activity, your innate wisdom will have a chance to be enlightened to the supreme realm. I am hereby sending the best wishes for a successful outcome prior to the start of the event, on behalf of Wu Dian Chuan Shi and all the Dian Chuan Shi(s).” This encouraging message was sent to Tao relatives of the Tian Wei temple by Instructor Tsai, who alone from Taiwan spent more than six months per year at the Honolulu Tian Wei Temple for the last three years.

Instructor Tsai further encouraged the local Tao relatives: ‟Any activity in the Tao community is a heavenly arrangement, promoted through sentient beings! As long as you believe that you can be saved, it will happen to you. Please don’t doubt! We are the lucky ones, because this is a special affinity to be ensured: ‛Tao is Truth, Truth is Genuine, and Heavenly Decree is also Real!’ I hope that every one of you can make an effort, set aside the mundane, overcome challenges, and try your best to participate. Cherish the opportunity, grasp the present moment, always be grateful, then the achievements will be yours!”

A few days prior to Christmas Eve in 2018, the Tao relatives in Hawaii Tian Wei Temple received one of the most priceless Christmas gift from Heavenly Mother - ‟A three-day and two-night 4Q Workshop in Camp Mokule`ia.”

IQ - Intelligence and Wisdom Quotient: Knowledge is a professional skill that can be taught and trained to help one find a good job; however, the ability to work well with others is an intangible competence. Other intangible competences such as being grateful to others, being able to respect others, being willing to share, selflessly give and dedicate oneself, not pay any attention to compensation, having a service spirit that is willing to make sacrifices, and possessing a wisdom that is soft and kind, in combination is what makes us more successful in any field. These attributes enable one to interact more effectively and harmoniously with others.

EQ - Emotional Management Quotient: It allows us to better understand the emotions of ourselves and others, and further learn how to manage our emotions and help others improve their emotional management skills. Be a person who understands, is aware of, and is sensitive to the emotions and behaviors of others, who do not fall into duality, and positively deal with the perspectives of others, one who adjusts and controls their own emotions, and responds with positive and respectful attitudes, and learns to communicate and express their own emotions. These are critical factors in building a happier life.

AQ - Adversity Quotient: Impermanence is the law of the universe, and the unpredictable future often brings anxiety; how to face and overcome the adversity of impermanence? Life is not always a smooth journey. Are you fully prepared to face it?

MQ - Moral Quotient: Do you often hear the voice of a devil as well as an angel calling you? Is it difficult for you to decide which path to take? Or which voice to listen to? The path you take determines your future. MQ is the core of IQ, EQ and AQ. Having this realization, we can respect and love all living beings, including nature, all the animals and plants that surround us, and in turn, give back to the environment and promote less killing. I-Kuan Tao regards cultivating one’s morality as a primary focus, and with sound morality, we can start to embrace unity and create a more fulfilling life.

Below are some of the feedbacks from the participants:

‟The 4Q Workshop, a growth camp, finally came to Hawaii! Aloha! Thanks to Tian En Shi De! In the rainy winter, the rented camp site was sunny, warm, and breezy; the business was supposed to be busy and the year-end party was supposed to occupy our schedule; many participants however, were able to set aside time and place their priority to come. There were supposed to have a lot of things to deal with, but they could be put down temporarily. Everyone participated in the entire length of the workshop.”

‟Thank you all the participants for your unanimous heart and your full involvement. The three-day and two-night camp had built a united Tao family! Not only had we completed a rich learning camp, but it was also full of joy! Look forward to the next growth camp, and hope we can engage more participants!”

Since this was the first time that the 4Q workshop was held in the Tian Wei Temple in Hawaii, the age of the participants ranges from 9 to 69 years old. There were families, couples, and father-daughter pairs... Some participants only knew Chinese, some only understood English. However, with the thoughtful planning of activities, the clever grouping by age, and the leadership of the group leaders, all activities were completely unobstructed by the difference in age groups and language barriers, and the essence of each activity was successfully conveyed to all participants.

Everyone naturally revealed their feelings through inspiring group discussions. When they shared publicly, family members and fellow initiates can hear each other’s perspectives and become more aware of each other. Modern family life lacks conversation and communication, and mobile phone and text messages often replace those conversations. ‟4Q Growth Tao Workshop” is the best spiritual growth program, which allows family members to improve their relationships with one another. Parents understand and learn to teach their children through role modeling (through virtues and good role models) and guide their children to know what are correct behaviors.

An 11-year-old participant surprised us all that her mind was mature, helpful, and was constantly serving others. When she encountered something unsatisfactory, she did not complain, or blame others, but immediately thought of solutions and alternatives to comfort others. This kind of positive outlook on life is attributed to being involved in the sutra class of the temple since childhood, and learning from her parents' role modeling and guidance.

4Q Growth Tao Workshop welcomes the whole family to participate! The happiness of your family is created by you! Why not get started by participating next camp?

Living Buddha Divine Patriarch’s compassion reveals: Any program (classes, ceremonies, activities, etc.) that has been hosted by the temple is earth-shattering and affects Three Realms. This is not something that our ordinary beings can accomplish alone. Only through the mercy of the predecessors and the grace of the Divine Patriarch and Matriarch can we make everything possible. If you want to know more, you may refer to the ‟Sutra of Invocation”... The Great Tao which is now widely propagated in Three Regions (Heaven of Truth, Heaven of Spirit, and Heaven of Matter) ... In the event of a disaster, Tao is here made available to bring salvation to all souls in all Three Realms (Heaven, Earth and Hell) ... (Realizing that only virtues, through accumulation of our deeds and merits, can truly save and keep us away from calamity)... Who can fulfill us such promise if it’s not the grace of Heaven and virtues of all the predecessors? Thus, the predecessors wanted us to have a grateful heart, and to make our best effort to participate in any program hosted by the temple, to accumulate merits and virtues, in order to return home. Therefore, this sentence ‟Thanks to Tian En Shi De” is to be expressed out from the deepest of our heart.

The nourishment of both Tao and love from those parents, brings out the growth and participation of the younger generation. Through the 4Q Workshop in Hawaii, two young English-speaking Tao relatives learned the importance of Tao, and have decided to further make progress in understanding Tao by participating in the next year’s English Tao Seminar in Michigan, and want to serve and contribute to the Hawaiian Tao community in the future. One of the feedbacks received near the end of the event: ‟My heart was empty before joining the workshop (darkness and frustration, suffering from tremendous workload, and carrying negative emotions and thoughts), but after the event my heart turned full (with wisdom, full of happiness, hope, and gratitude).” With courage, he is eager to share the preciousness of Tao with his family, friends, and colleagues!

The Hawaii 4Q Workshop was successfully completed, and the participants were full of joy! Many family members fully participated in the program, cooperated throughout the event, actively shared their thoughts, and had in-depth experiences. During the event, many participants witnessed touching moments and sudden changes and shifts happening to quite a few participants. Many participants were grateful. After the camp activities, they turned their thanksgiving into action. After working in the daytime, they immediately returned to the temple to serve others.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude towards those who made contributions to support this event. It makes people feel that the Tao community is really a big family. In addition to warming up the lonely heart, it also gains and draws the friendship among many Tao brothers and sisters as well as the Good Knowledge Advisors.

Thanks to Tian En Shi De! The Holy Teacher diverted in the dark, and there was a willingness among us all to work together. Everyone worked hard to encourage and inspire the next generation, and the Tao community was full of hope. The Tao relatives who participated in the 4Q Workshop in Hawaii unanimously requested to do it again next year. They finally know how important the 4Q Growth Workshop is, so they will try their best to encourage the young Tao relatives and even non-Tao kin to participate. It is a very good program as a bridge to introduce Tao to others. We believe that the condition for the next year should be more mature, so that more young counselors can also have the opportunity to come to Hawaii to service and learn.

The activities of the 4Q Workshop are very lively and interactive. Adults and children alike enjoy it. Participants learn with fulljoy, which enables them to go back into their childhood and find their childlike heart. It is straightforward and heart-warming.
In conclusion, we would like to especially thank Wu Dian Chuan Shi, the early pioneer who brought Tao to Hawaii. We would also like to express our gratitude towards all the Dian Chuan Shi, speakers, Tan Chu (temple host), and every Tao relative who served before at the Hawaii Tian Wei Temple. Because of your compassion and sacrifices, we are here enjoying the established community. Therefore, we will do our best to uphold the holy responsibility and pass on the torch of enlightenment.

Know Myself Better

※Izzy (11 years old) 

I think that attending the 4Q Workshop has been a wonderful opportunity for me to know myself a little better. As Master Lee once said, ‟There is a child inside all of us,” some may call it our true self. With the distraction in our world today (school, projects, your job, grades, social life, etc…), it’s hard to know who you really are without below those layers of stress, and all the negative emotions. It might sound silly when you read this, but it’s true. For example, it’s probably best if you leave me alone when I’m working on a 5-page essay (and you should ask my family) that’s due in a week. I probably might scream at you even if you are only asking, ‟Are you okay?” I don’t mean it when I scream at you or anyone else, but I just didn’t know how to think under that situation.

I also learned that you always think you’re the only one that’s suffering from something, but other people are too. You never know if the person sitting next to you is dealing with a project they can’t handle, or if their loved one just suddenly died. My point is that you never know. So then best thing that you can do is when you’re under a stressful situation, don’t freak out. Whatever the case is, I know that the 4Q Workshop has been a great learning opportunity for me.

◎ 美國夏威夷檀香山天威佛堂提供

「感謝上天慈悲、 上天老母安排、仙佛護佑、老祖師的恩典、師尊、師母大恩大德,使這次活動順利完成!這完全是上天透過點傳師、壇主、辦事人員及營隊輔導學長,應用各種方式來啟發我們這些迷途眾生的智慧!只要願意參加,都能使每一位參與活動的大德們,得到開啟無上境界的智慧,後學於活動展開前,代表美國忠恕道院大家長吳仲雄點傳師及各位點傳師在此送上十二萬分的祝福。」這是在過去三年來,每年有半年時間隻身前來護持夏威夷天威佛堂的蔡清標講師於活動前對道親們的鼓勵。


2018年的聖誕節前夕,夏威夷天威佛堂的道親們得到了一個 上天老母所賜最有價值的聖誕禮物──「莫庫雷阿營區三天兩夜的4Q道學成長營」。

IQ 智能及智慧商數:學問是看得到的專業技能,可以幫助我們找到好的工作,然而做人處事的能力卻是摸不著的能力。其他無形的能力還有:對別人懂得感恩;與人互動時,能給予尊重;願意分享;無私地付出和奉獻;不計較酬勞;具犧牲服務精神;擁有柔軟和仁慈的智慧。這些能力讓我們在任何行業中皆能更成功。這些屬性也有助人們更有效而和諧地與他人互動。

EQ 情緒管理商數:讓我們更了解自己及他人的情緒,並進一步學習如何管理自己及協助他人提昇情緒管理的能力。做一位會同理他人情緒與行為的人,不落入二元的批判,正面地處理別人對自己的看法,控制及調整自己的情緒,以正面及尊重的態度應對,學習溝通與表達自我情緒的能力,這些都是打造美好人生的關鍵因素。

AQ 逆境商數:無常是宇宙不變的定律,無法預知的未來往往帶來焦慮;如何面對及超越無常來臨時的困境?人生不如意事十之八九,您準備好了嗎?

MQ 道德商數:您有常常聽到魔鬼和天使對您的呼喚嗎?難以抉擇何去何從?或不知該聽從哪個聲音?您選擇的路決定您的未來人生。MQ道德商數是IQ智能及智慧商數、EQ情緒商數和AQ逆境商數的核心;有所體認,則對自然、對周遭環境所有動植物的生命都能尊重與愛護,不隨便破壞環境與殺生。一貫道以道德培育為重,有了健全的道德為基礎,才能掌握和諧及創造更豐富的生活。


「4Q道學成長營終於來到夏威夷!Aloha!感謝 天恩師德護庇!原本多雨的冬季,我們租借的營地卻是陽光普照、溫暖人心、清風拂臉;原本生意忙碌及年終聚會(party)極多的此時,學員們卻都能萬緣放下,安排出時間專心學習,全程參與。」






活佛恩師慈悲開示:「一貫天命道場所辦的任何課程(班程、仙佛紀念儀典、法會活動等)都是驚天動地,牽動三曹(天曹、人曹、地曹),這不是我們一般眾生所能自行辦到的。完全要透過彌勒祖師鴻慈,師尊、師母恩德,從中調兵遣將才能完成。」如果我們想更加了解,請詳讀〈請壇經〉所說:「……今逢三天(理、氣、象),大道顯然,……,遇難救難,遇災除焉,遇善相助,遇事相辦,大劫遠退(須了解只有付出行動,積功累德,才能使災難遠離)……三曹之事……」這些如果不是 天恩師德,有誰能夠去完成?所以前人輩要我們常存感恩的心,多參與道場任何活動,可積功累德,回天才有資糧。所以這句「感謝 天恩師德」是要從內心深處真誠地發出來的。




感謝 天恩師德加被、老師在暗中度化撥轉,有愿就有力,大家一起努力成全下一代,使道場薪火相傳,充滿了希望。這次參加過夏威夷4Q道學成長營的道親們一致要求明年再辦一次,他們終於知道4Q道學成長營有多麼重要了,故將會努力藉機去成全年輕道親及非道親來參加;大家一致認同,4Q道學成長營是非常好的結緣度人的橋梁。相信明年的機緣應會更成熟,讓更多的年輕輔導員亦可以有來夏威夷學習了愿的機會。




※美國忠恕道院讀經班  林芊樺(11歲)  英文三寶研習班  鄭仰廷  中譯






◎ 劉黃河點傳師   邂逅 我們的大德張老前人,與後學的首次邂逅相遇,因緣可謂奇特,在那時之前,我們從未謀面,素昧生平。 那是後學退役後的事,後學工作於新店二十張路的一家公司,這公司的總經理也姓張,也是上海人。這位張君住在羅斯福路三段,就是台灣大學正對面...